‘Lil Bit of My Music Lovin’ For You!

Hey! So, I decided I would share my two favourite playlists I’ve made on my phone with y’all! Just wait one short, snappy second while I actually go grab my phone – this was a last minute idea and at the moment my phone’s downstairs charging. Hehe… whoops?

These aren’t in any particular order (except maybe by alphabetical order of the artist maybe?) There are 48 songs.

Apple Music // My Favourites♥

Scars to your Beautiful ~ Alessia Cara

Ciao Adios ~ Anne-Marie

Something Just like This ~ The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Paris ~ The Chainsmokers

Rockabye (feat Sean Paul & Anne-Marie) ~ Clean Bandit

Eraser ~ Ed Sheeran

Castle on the Hill ~ Ed Sheeran

Dive ~ Ed Sheeran

Shape of You ~ Ed Sheeran

Perfect ~ Ed Sheeran

Galway Girl ~ Ed Sheeran

Happier ~ Ed Sheeran

New Man ~ Ed Sheeran

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here ~ Ed Sheeran

What Do I Know ~ Ed Sheeran

How Would You Feel (Paean) ~ Ed Sheeran

Supermarket Flowers ~ Ed Sheeran

Bibia Be Ye Ye ~ Ed Sheeran

Barcelona ~ Ed Sheeran

Nancy Mulligan ~ Ed Sheeran

Save Myself ~ Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud ~ Ed Sheeran

September Song ~ JP Cooper

Firework ~ Katy Perry

Salute ~ Little Mix

No More Sad Songs ~ Little Mix

Shout Out to My Ex ~ Little Mix

Solo Dance ~ Martin Jensen

The Climb ~ Miley Cyrus

Sophia ~ Nerina Pallot

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker) ~ ZAYN & Taylor Swift

Not Today ~ Imagine Dragons (Me Before You credits)

See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) ~ Wiz Khalifa

Carry You Home ~ Ward Thomas

Almost Easy ~ Ward Thomas

Cartwheels ~ Ward Thomas

Guilty Flowers ~ Ward Thomas

Material ~ Ward Thomas

Lose Me ~ Ward Thomas

Good on You ~ Ward Thomas

When It’s Not Me ~ Ward Thomas

Boomerang ~ Ward Thomas

Dirt and Gold ~ Ward Thomas

Where the Sky Is ~ Ward Thomas

Proof ~ Ward Thomas

Who I’m Not ~ Ward Thomas

Safe ~ Ward Thomas

Stay ~ Zedd & Alessia Cara

These are not in any sort of order… and there’s 66 here.

Amazon Music // Emmie’s Favourites♥

Almost Easy ~ Ward Thomas

Boomerang ~ Ward Thomas

Broken Strings (feat. Nelly Furtado) ~ James Morrison

Carry You Home ~ Ward Thomas

Cartwheels ~ Ward Thomas

Material ~ Ward Thomas

Lose Me ~ Ward Thomas

Guilty Flowers ~ Ward Thomas

Good on You ~ Ward Thomas

When It’s Not Me ~ Ward Thomas

Dirt and Gold ~ Ward Thomas

Where the Sky Is ~ Ward Thomas

Proof ~ Ward Thomas

Who I’m Not ~ Ward Thomas

Safe ~ Ward Thomas

Cool for the Summer (clean) ~ Demi Lovato

Secret Love Song ~ Little Mix

Strawberry Fields ~ Jess Glynne

Gave Me Something ~ Jess Glynne

Hold My Hand ~ Jess Glynne

Real Love ~ Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne

Ain’t Got Far to Go ~ Jess Glynne

Take Me Home ~ Jess Glynne

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself ~ Jess Glynne

You Can Find Me ~ Jess Glynne

Why Me ~ Jess Glynne

Love Me ~ Jess Glynne

It Ain’t Right ~ Jess Glynne

No Rights No Wrongs ~ Jess Glynne

Saddest Vanilla (feat. Emeli Sande) ~ Jess Glynne

Right Here ~ Jess Glynne

Home ~ Jess Glynne

Bad Blood ~ Jess Glynne

My Love (Acoustic) ~ Jess Glynne

Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne) ~ Clean Bandit

My Love (feat. Jess Glynne) ~ Route 94

Something Just Like This ~ The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Skyscraper ~ Demi Lovato

Price Tag (feat. B.o.B) ~ Jessie J

Photograph ~ Ed Sheeran

Bloodstream ~ Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud ~ Ed Sheeran

Hello ~ Adele

When We Were Young ~ Adele

Water Under The Bridge ~ Adele

Confident (Clean) ~ Demi Lovato

The A Team ~ Ed Sheeran

Drunk ~ Ed Sheeran

Ghost ~ Ella Henderson

Next To Me ~ Emeli Sande

River ~ Emeli Sande

Wonder ~ Emeli Sande

Beneath Your Beautiful ~ Emeli Sande

Demons ~ Imagine Dragons

Want to Want Me ~ Jason Derulo

Wings ~ Little Mix

Shout Out to My Ex ~ Little Mix

Steal my Girl ~ One Direction

Live While We’re Young ~ One Direction

Story of My Life ~ One Direction

Fight Song ~ Rachel Platten

Superheroes ~ The Script

What Do You Mean? ~ Justin Bieber

Symphony ~ Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson

Bad Romance ~ Lady Gaga

Poker Face ~ Lady Gaga

Well… This has been a nice little workout for my hands, zzzz… Well, that’s it. They’re my favourite songs playlists! Maybe you could listen to a few? Maybe I’ll end up writing a list of every single book on my shelf soon, so good luck! If you thought this was long… watch out for that, haha.

About Me, Me and Books, Me and Music!

The Ultimate Book Tag

Okay, so I didn’t actually get tagged by anyone, but I felt like starting off my blog with a book tag. Or to be more specific, MY book tag, I made the questions up, haha… That’s not even funny is it? Well… here goes nothing…

1. What’s your favourite book?

My favourite book… I should never have put that question down really, because I don’t know it myself. So… you get a list of books / series I like! Lucky you!

  • Divergent series,
  • The Hunger Games series,
  • Harry Potter series,
  • Twilight series,
  • The Chocolate Box Girls series,
  • Girl Online series,
  • Vampire Academy series,
  • Listen to the Moon,
  • Running Wild,
  • Pretty Little Liars series.

There’s a few (about a hundred) more but I can’t actually think of them right now, whoops. So, onto the next question! Woohoo!

2. Book fandoms you’re in:

  • The Hunger Games,
  • Harry Potter,
  • Pretty Little Liars.

That’s just a few by the way! *Smiles cheekily*.

3. What’s the biggest mistake you think you’ve made as a reader?

I. KNOW. THIS. 2016. Twilight saga. I watched the films first. You see my mistake yet? I LOVED the Breaking Dawn film (Part 2) and was really excited to read the book… The ending of the film was completely different from the book, right? So I read the book and poof! I absolutely HATED it. Put me off Twilight COMPLETELY. So basically, my biggest mistake as a reader is watching films first. The next book I read that was also a film  was Harry Potter and I was adamant on reading every single book first, it took longer, but it was worth it! And also, I only had the books, haha.

4. Do you read and/or write fanfiction?

YESSSS! My life! READ AND WRITE ALL THE WAY! Fanfiction introduced me to Dramione (Draco x Hermione ship), and I’m now obsessed with it, no haters please! I’m on Wattpad as PotterSwanEverdeen, it would be great if you could check it out! Right, back to the subject. I am constantly reading fanfiction (exaggeration obviously), and when I’m not I’m trying to get past the writers block to write it. I love writing, it’s just not easy to get inspiration where I live *lots of “awh’s” and me making a sad face*.

5. How did you get introduced to reading?

Well, my mam used to read to me when I was younger, we’d snuggle up in bed and she’d read me a story, Monkey Puzzle was her favourite but I liked the one about the Princess and the Wizard and oh, never mind. But I’ve loved books ever since I think?


So… I’ve given up on the questions. I can’t actually think of anymore! So… if you want to find out anything else about me and books, comment or send back something. I’m new to this so I don’t know about that sort of stuff. Thanks! See you round!

ABSWriter  Xoxo